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Lady Salisia S. Valentine


Salisia Valentine was born in North Carolina, Chapel Hill to Vanessa and Steve Gamble (Army Veteran).  Throughout her young age, Salisia and her sisters (Shamika and Daschel) traveled and lived in various states and countries. Salisia believes this life helped her to become more culturally diverse, and well-rounded and made her easily adaptable to change. 

As a school-aged child she often times attended worship services as invited by friends and it was during a youth lock-in she gave her life to Christ while in Middle School. She was then baptized shortly thereafter. Despite her hunger and willingness to serve God, life as she knows it wasn’t always easy BUT GOD had a plan. Salisia believes every obstacle she has faced was overcome because "the plan of the Lord will prevail (Proverbs 19:21). "

Her spiritual parents are Apostle Andra and Dr. Cynthia Cunningham from New Life Apostolic Center (NLAC) in Anniston, Alabama. It was during her serving that she married her best friend, Maurice Valentine, June 3, 2006. Salisia was a faithful servant at NLAC. She served as a Youth Counselor, Christian Education teacher, Altar worker, Elder of the Prophetic, Dance Leader, and Outreach Volunteer and fulfilled any other duties as asked. 

Salisia Valentine currently resides in Pelham, Alabama, and works as a Nurse Practitioner.  She is also the Vice President of Provider Services, at American Family Care.

Salisia pastors alongside her husband at Life Changing Christian Center and is in GREAT EXPECTATIONS of the movement of God in Shelby County. 

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